Designs That Reflect Our State's Natural Beauty

Created by a local photographer and artist, Love of Michigan’s brand is modern, yet down-to-earth. Inspired by the natural beauty of our home state, our designers have crafted a premium brand.  Born out of a vision for generating positive change, our Love of Michigan apparel supports the state it reflects. We work with local artists and small businesses and give back to the community any way we can. Every time you buy from Love of Michigan, we donate to local nonprofits that protect and preserve our environment.


We created Love of Michigan out of an outpouring of love for our home state. In everything we do, we aim to give back. We want to offer people incredible apparel that is stylish and long-lasting. And with every purchase, we donate to local grassroots organizations that protect & preserve this beautiful state we call home. 


Love of Michigan products support local artists and businesses. We work with local designers to craft unique, organic, eye-catching creations.  Our screen printers are local, and use environmentally-friendly inks and supplies as often as possible.  As a grassroots movement, Love of Michigan sticks to its roots.


The inspiration for our brand came directly from the natural beauty of Michigan. We strive to make our apparel selections organic from start to finish with unique, hand drawn, creative designs through our use of eco-friendly materials.   

We believe it’s important to keep it real.  Reflecting nature keeps us down to earth.